#1 Get your product and price right.

It does not matter how inspiring your mission is or how many people benefit from your work; your social enterprise will not succeed except your product/service is as good as or superior to your immediate rivals.

#2 Collaborate with competitors. 

Instead of struggling to spread limited resources, embrace collaboration to build capacity. Get over the desire to be the one – the hero – to make the world right. When it comes to creating social change, your competitors may be your best supporters. Team up, don’t copy.

#3 Invest in personal development.

A convincing mission and a solid plan of action are only as successful as the strength of the individuals that implement them. Take some time and invest in your own personal development. Take a new course, attend seminars, learn new skills that will help in furthering your dreams and the results will be immense.

#4 Have a plan, not just an idea.

Thoughts are very common. Individuals who actualize them are priceless. Weave together a plan that will have a different effect on the planet. Execution is the key driver to making impact.

#5 Be patient and realistic.

Making impact requires some investment, hard work, and vision. More than you envisioned. It’s alright if things are a little more slow than anticipated. Be practical, endure and remain focussed. It takes guts to be different. 

#6 Know your numbers.

Crude energy is significant, however it isn’t sufficient to persuade individuals to support you. Do your exploration and use numbers to demonstrate the social and ecological worth you make.

#7 Embrace the side hustle.

Numerous social undertakings began as “side hustles.” That’s often worthwhile in light of the fact that you’re not under the pressure to make money immediately. Set aside the effort to refine your message, remain consistent with your vision, test your thoughts, and locate the correct plan of action that will set you up for long haul achievement. Be that as it may, don’t deal with it like a leisure activity. Set sensible and quantifiable objectives to assist you with remaining on course.

#8 Focus on the future, not sustaining the present.

Keeping up the norm is a fine spot to begin for social obligation, yet social business visionaries realize that to genuinely have any kind of effect they should go well beyond “doing no mischief” to making positive change that lasts. 

#9 Getting something done.

As a social business visionary you need to do a little bit (or a lot) of everything. From stuffing envelopes to answering telephones and messages to shuffling a long plan for the day. To abstain from wearing out, efficiency is a basic expertise. If  you need to boost your efficiency and develop your endeavor rapidly, you should have the ability to say “no”, prepare, ace your plan for the day, and perceive time wasting interruptions.

#10 Brush up on your public speaking.

Public speaking isn’t all about delivering a captivating TED Talk. Social entrepreneurs are asked to give impromptu speeches all the time. From introducing yourself at a Meetup and explaining your enterprise on a conference call to toasting an investor. Any time you share your idea with someone, how you talk is just as important as what you say. Make every word count.