How To Pitch to European Customers

AIC RAISE happy to host an interactive pitching workshop on Swen Wegner, CEO Mainstage Incubator about AIC RAISE. Swen Wegner the Founder & CEO at Mainstage Incubator, Scaling Agile GlobalTM, Ninos Productions GMbH, DevSourcing UG, Agile Excellence Academy Pvt. Ltd. He has 8 years of Enterprise Sales Experience and a serial entrepreneur in founding several startups within 2 years.

Have you ever thought about how to pitch and present your solution to a European Customer? Perhaps, you have already had experiences but it didn’t go as you expected? Join this interactive pitching and presentation workshop and get instant feedback from Swen Wegner but also recommendations on how you could present your solutions more effectively. Also meet, Debasis Chakraborty as well, who will share his experience from the past 20 years of “Startup Economy in India”

Debasis Chakraborty – The Co-Founder (COO)

An Entrepreneurial Business Leader with distinct skills in Business Model Innovation and Sharp Execution with special emphasis on Tech, Customer Acquisition & Engagement, Ecosystem creation.

22 years of experience in the Corporate and start-up Space.On the Board of Directors of multiple organizations. Speaker, Jury member at multiple startup missions across India.

The speakers started by stating the problem and how is it possible to address it through the Mainstage incubator.

Problem Statement: Many talented Entrepreneurs from outside of Europe find it difficult to step into the complex regulatory market of Europe. Mainstage Incubator serves as an Enabler to every founder who wishes to base the Seeds of his Ambitions in Europe and become part of the New European Dream. “We host and support founders and established technology start-ups from countries outside Europe and help them build great products for everyone.” “We help with our extensive industry and investor Network in a wide range of industries and with our hands-on sales and go to market coaching, as well as fundraising and visionary matchmaking events and meetups”

Then they moved to talk about 5 Key influences in the growth of Indian Start-up Ecosystem

The emergence of Start-up clusters and hubs, with 45 % growth in start-ups in Coimbatore. Ever-Increasing Width & Depth of Sectors, with sectors, still emerging and others already developed and expanded. India’s own Digital Infrastructure as a platform, identifying 4 layers for the Indian Stack:

Consent layer: is a modern privacy data-sharing framework with an open personal data store and is owned by the Reserve Bank of India. Cashless layer: this is an electronic interoperable payment network and includes IMPS, AEPS, APB, and UPI and is owned by the NPCI. Paperless Layer: Digital store, it includes Aadhaar e-KYC, e-Sign, and the digital locker. This is owned by the department of electronics and information technology. Presence-less Layer: Unique digital biometric identity with open API access. This layer includes the Aadhaar card and mobile Aadhaar and is owned by the Unique identification authority of India. Robust Pipeline of Unicorns (Soonicorns). Build-in India & sell globally

Only 21% of Indian startups are primarily focusing on the Global Market. Mainstage is working on Solving this problem.

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