24 Startups Successfully Inducted Into the Second Cohort of the AIC RAISE Incubation Program

FOR RELEASE ON 8 Sept 2020 

24 Startups Successfully Inducted Into the Second Cohort of the AIC RAISE Incubation Program


Coimbatore, India, 8 Sept 2020 — 24 New Startups were officially inducted into the AIC RAISE incubation program for the second cohort turbed ‘Cohort 2020’. The induction program took place virtually on Monday, 7 September with Shri. Ramanan Ramanathan, the Director of Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), gracing the occasion as the chief guest. In attendance was Dr. Madan A Sendhil, CEO & Director of AIC RAISE, who officially welcomed the newbies into the startup ecosystem and assured them they will receive all the support they will need. All the new startups are focused on the UN sustainable development goals. They join 23 other startups that were incorporated in the first cohort. 


The event brought together all the stakeholders in the Startup ecosystem. From mentors to partners and even investors not forgetting the innovators who bring the ideas on the table. In attendance from the mentors’ desk included Punyabrata Sen, Preeti 美丽 Chaudhary, Jatin Kataria, Naveen Krishnamurthy, and Dr. K C Chandrasekharan Nair who had a round table discussion that reiterated what the new startups should focus on in their growth journey. Gautham Sivaramakrishnan, from Headstart Network Foundation which is a partner organization to AIC RAISE, was also in attendance. He emphasized the importance of community and building a support system that will be there throughout the growth curve of the startups. 


“Startups will be the way that unemployment gets addressed in India,” Gautham Sivaramakrishnan


Speaking during the event, Shri. Ramanan Ramanathan underscored the need and importance of India being a self-reliant country. In his address, he spoke of the commitment that AIM has to supporting any startup or incubator who comes to help the country achieve any of its goals through innovation. 


“ The reason why we haven’t been able to flatten the COVID curve as a nation is because of the immigration problem from the villages to the cities. If people moved out of the cities and started ventures in their local areas that would help create employment opportunities there, we will help ease the strain on the resources available in the cities…. Everyone has the chance to be innovative and become job creators and you entrepreneurs here today have chosen the right path and we applaud and commend you.” Shri. Ramanan Ramanathan


AIC RAISE supported by Atal Innovation Mission of NITI Aayog, Govt. of India is India’s first Startup Incubation Centre focusing on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals established by Rathinam Group of Institutions. AIC RAISE is creating a holistic ecosystem for social start-ups for maximizing profits and benefits to society and the environment. 


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