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Building a Business Empire with Networking

Ever wondered why some companies fail while others thrive in the same business line? Assuming today two people were given the same amount of seed capital to start a similar type of business in the same location, sharing the same customers we can almost be pretty sure that given some time one business will outgrow the other and take most of the customers if not all. Why would this happen? Well, the secret lies in the methods and means these companies choose to achieve their ends. The second aspect of it is having staff who are passionate about their work and finally the focus should be on the network we seek to build, expand and influence.
Mr. Akash V, Director Relativity Management Solutions, shares interesting inputs on what sets companies apart from others and what makes some fail while others succeed. His main emphasis is that; it is not what we do, but how we do it that actually makes the difference. In the world of business, the way we do things is what distinguishes one from the other. He underscores that the end result is important but also the ‘journey’ and ‘the stories across’ matter.
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AIC RAISE LinkedinLocalKovai
          First, any single company, whether still in the entrepreneurial phase or in its advanced stages needs to have beliefs and principles that drive it. The most basic principles derived from his talk include the following.
  • Integrity
Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. For any company to succeed in the present world, then its employees have to practice strong moral principles. This will include personal discipline and respect for others as well as being honest in all their dealings and transactions. It starts from a personal level and spans out to the company level.
  • Growing with others
‘Grow by uplifting others, not uplifting yourself alone’. Growth in any business venture has to be viewed from all perspectives. No single man has ever succeeded at anything by downplaying others. Actually, those who seek to advance themselves have always done so through building themselves a strong network and growing together in this network. The only way to grow is to grow with others. You help them as they help you. As the saying goes, ‘no man is an island’.
  • Learning is a lifetime process
Learning should never stop at any single time. At age 35 Mr Akash stated that he is still learning and he takes every single moment as a learning opportunity. “I am learning from you now” he stated. There is always something you can pick from every person you meet. Companies that take training and worker development as one of their focus will always rise above others.
  • Lead by example
As you become more present in your own life, you will begin to enlighten others by your example. If you want more kindness in the world, put some there. As Albert Shweitzer puts it; ‘The three most important ways to lead to lead people are by example, by example and by example’.
  • Leave a legacy
At the time of your exit, what mark will you leave? Whether you are exiting a company or this world for good. What mark will you leave behind? “It doesn’t mean that we all should be big shots, leave a mark in the people who matter to you. That is legacy,” Mr Akash. Companies and entrepreneurial ventures that seek to leave legacies always do something extra for their customers and that extra mile is what sets them ahead of the game.
Think of the biggest companies in the world. Ever wondered why they remain ahead of the game year after year? What has made Singapore airlines the best Airline in the world for seven consecutive years while Air India still runs on losses eating into the taxpayers coffers every single year? What has been the biggest revolution in the transport industry? Why do we still treat the same disease we treated ten years ago? What are the greatest technologies in the present education systems? With the current age what are the biggest milestones, we have made in the manufacturing industry? Think of the computing world; why do we pay more money to apple products when we know very well their manufacturing cost is not even close to one quarter of their selling price? What sets them apart?
The secrets to the success of these multibillion corporations lies in the framework of the ‘how’ they do things rather than in the what they do. We are all aware that there are thousands of hospitals in the world but what sets John Hopkins Hospital or the Mayo Clinic on top of the world in health matters? There are hundreds of car manufacturers too, what makes Tesla stand out in the crowd? Or what makes WhatsApp so famous when there are millions of other social network applications. 
Mr Akash identifies 4 variables that play role in how we can be differently productive in the world of business:
The first secret is to develop the product or the business with the end consumer in mind. The second aspect is to be clear on what is the companies intend or purpose. Thirdly, the company has to know what is their preference; is it developing cheap products that are affordable to every consumer or majoring on efficiency regardless of what the cost of achieving it will be? Finally, the company has to be aware of what the future looks like and where they see their business in the near or distant future.
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Mr. Shanjay, founder of At641 café, shares wonderful insights on finding a balance between work life and personal life. He stresses on the importance of all employees in any company being passionate about their work in order for the company to set itself apart in any business line. He states that it all begins with our thoughts about the business and specifies one important criterion that defines our work is the impact we have on society.
At641 café is a community for “foodies, sports fans, cinema lovers, music fanatics, gamers, artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, travellers, bikers, photographers, models, dancers, college students”
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The last aspect of success in the business world is creating your brand through networking. Mr. Anish K. Raju, Digital marketer, gives an easy way of “Branding in with LinkedIn”. Once a business is created the next big thing is building a network of employees, partners and customers. These can easily be done through LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides a platform for building a company and personal profiles, populating it with content about your business and finally engaging with your partners and clients. He notes that building content is king, engagement with customers on the platform is the queen.
In conclusion, product differentiation is key in success in the business world. Every company has to find their niche and maximize on it to outgrow their competitors and have the largest market share in their domain.
AIC RAISE LinkedinLocalKovai
AIC RAISE LinkedinLocalKovai
AIC RAISE LinkedinLocalKovai