Elders A to Z: Providing Access to homes for the Elderly

How it started

Life in itself is a roller coaster. We are born helpless and we grow strong and independent then the sunset years come and we become dependent again.  That is exactly why we need elderly homes in our society; to provide all the care, company, and facilities that the elderly in the society need.

EldersAtoZ was created with the sole purpose of providing all the help that the elderly in society might need, especially in terms of homes and accommodation.  In their earnest lookout to give back to the community which made them what they are, the founders identified an area that is of high importance, when it comes to the care of the elderly, especially those who live far away from their children and immediate family members. They seek to enable the elderly to access good and suitable accommodation and home facilities.

Their aim is to connect seniors who have their needs well defined, by helping them to identify service providers who exactly fit into their requirements so that they seamlessly adapt to a new place of living peacefully without the feeling of being alone.

All in all, the primary goal of EldersAtoZ is to help the elderly, more so those in the economically less fortunate strata of the society, to be taken care of.

How it works.

With their platform, the elderly can identify the right home that also supports their lifestyle needs in their area of choice, all in a few simple steps!

The website has a variety of home service providers based in different districts and locations in the state of Tamil Nadu. The websites’ search engine provides an array of search filters that help in the identification and selection of the most appropriate service provider based on user needs regarding location affordability and the type of elders’ accommodation facility.

The process is simple! First, log onto the website – Enter the type of accommodation service required (monthly option, temporary stay, etc.)   – Select a state name – Select a district name.  The elderly home service providers are then displayed and the best option can be chosen.

Relationship with Service providers.

EldersAtoZ exists to connect the elderly to the right service providers and thus it aims to partner with as many service providers as possible to bring their services to the right target audience.

Service providers are offered a free name listing (limited time period offer) and they are categorized based on types of homes, stay options, facilities provided, etc to ensure that the right match happens with the needs of the customer. As such, the work of the home service provider is made much easier as relevant and specific inquiries of a prospective client are simply cross-matched with the vendors’ specific offerings.


The Team

The team is comprised of robust individuals from different categories and professions. 

Sridhar – Business head

Ramamoorthy -Data analyst

Christopher – Technology and marketing

Velmurugan -Property validation

Dhamodharan – Number crunching and documentation

Mohana Devi – Back office support

Annamalai -Technical



So far, the company has created the MVP in the name of www.eldersatoz.com. The website has been developed with sufficient features to satisfy early adopters. The final, complete set of features is being designed and developed after considering feedback from the product’s initial users. A complete database of elder’s stay in & around Chennai has also been created. There are more than 100 elders’ stay homeowners who have agreed to onboard with the startup.


“In the near future Elders A to Z is planning to onboard 1000+ properties/elders’ stay home in Tamilnadu that can provide temporary & permanent stays in the next one year. We also plan to reach out to our target audience through print and digital media & events in the next 6 months. We will conduct exhibitions in major cities in Tamilnadu by bringing all vendors & service providers who are working for the elders’ community, in a year. ” says Sridhar the founder of EldersAtoZ. 

EldersAtoZ aims to expand its services to other states and ultimately cover the whole of India.

Experience with AIC so far


“Since we came to AIC RAISE there has been a lot of positive changes. The AIC RAISE team is giving us all kinds of support. They are supporting us technically, emotionally and in the whole process of our product development. We have had to change our working model to a better one and are looking forward to better days of working together. I would say, AIC RAISE has basically become our legs and hands.”