Majority of Indians households earn a living from the farm and agriculture, being one of the dominant sectors of the Indian economy explains this. 

Farming equipment lessens the workload of these farmers and brings efficiency to the field.  However, this equipment financially constrains the local farmers due to the expensive hiring charges and most of them end up spending large portions of their revenues to hire farming equipment. It’s been projected that most local Indian farmers spend up to a sixth of their revenues just to hire out a power tiller and at the end of the day most find themselves in a debt trap.  

Others opt to use manual ploughs on their farms but the gruesome and hard work they encounter takes a toll on their bodies and end up having to pay for medical bills to better their health. 

According to a survey by times of India 1 out 3 tractor drivers have backbone and knee problems resulting from their work on the farm.  

Enter Sand Bird technologies. An Agriculture Tech startup based in Chennai working to bring forth innovative and affordable agricultural equipment to ease the efforts of low-income farmers with SMART ELECTRIC POWER TILLERS as an alternate to tractors which consumes 28 Billion liters of diesel worth Rs. 210 Billion each and every year.  

The MAGMA – a multifunctional electrically powered and remotely controlled agricultural automotive machine has been designed for low-income farmers as a replacement for tractor, animal and human labor.  It handles various farming tasks such as ploughing, de weeding sowing among others.                     


Unlike other agricultural automotive, the magma is eco-friendly because it has a smaller carbon output thus empowering the farmer in terms of clean and smart farming.  More so its operational costs are 10 times less than the standard powered tiller. 



Co-Founder & CEO 


Co-Founder & CPO


The founder S Bala Surya, coming from a farming background experienced the hardships that local farmers face in their work and thought of an idea that seeks to ease farmer’s life with use of technology and this brought forth the idea of smart electric power tillers.

How it works.

Magma is a semi-autonomous power tiller with which farmers can sit at one part of the faming land and remotely operate the vehicle with minimum manual intervention.

The magma tractor is fully automated and can be remotely driven. Farmers intending to use the tractor are trained and guided by sand birds’ authorized technicians and agents on how to operate the machine.

The tractor operates on a swappable battery with a run time of 8 hours and has a maximum speed of up to 15km per hour. 

Product features.

•          Surveillance camera with night vision and human detection censors which can transmit data through cloud storage

•          Wireless control system with a 2 km range allowing flexible operation

•          Swappable battery with a high runtime of up to 8 hours from a single charge  

Sand bird team

The brains behind Sand bird are a group of visionary and vibrant individuals led by S BALA SURYA who is the Chief Executive Officer and AJITH KANNAN R who is the Chief Production Officer. 


SandBird Technologies won the FLCTD Innovation Challenge on the FLCTD Low Carbon Accelerator august 2020. So far, they have received funding by CZC- IIT Madras and TNIGC- Tamil Nadu Govt through the development of their prototypes and MVP

SandBird is one of the top 25 startup in India to be recognized by UNIDO through FLCTD Accelerator.

SandBird product has been tested in farm land and more than 570 famers have provided them with a letter of intent to buy it through FPO.


Sandbird envisions being at the forefront of innovative agricultural equipment manufacturers in India thereby helping farmers to double their income which is the long-standing dream of the Indian government.

Testimonials about life at AIC RAISE

“It’s been an amazing and ever-growing journey with AIC Raise who have given us the best mentor support we can ever think of to achieve Sand Bird’s dream of helping farmers with clean and smart agricultural equipment at affordable cost,” AJITH KANNAN R – Chief Production Officer SandBird Technologies.