AIC Raise partners with Fastercapital to help entrepreneurs

FasterCapital is developing a new partnership with a leading incubator in India – AIC RAISE. This collaboration will come to help more entrepreneurs not only in Tamilnadu but also in the entire region. This partnership will support the amateur, average experience, and experienced entrepreneurs and their startups in all stages. FasterCapital will be putting all of its efforts to guide the startup in the right way and handling all the risks with them even from the idea stage. FasterCapital will become the technical co-founder and investing 50% of the needed money in technical development.  

Welcome to FasterCapital! FasterCapital and AIC RAISE have already partnered to help bring you the best offer. In this offer, FasterCapital will become the technical cofounder, develop the whole technical product from A to Z and invest 50% of the money needed per equity basis. We do this by:

  1. Helping you build your product by becoming your technical co-founder and by investing 50% of the money you will need in the process.
  2. Handling the technical development from A to Z and invest more than once if any enhancements are needed.
  3. Connecting you with Mentorsinvestor, and Regional Partners in our network.
  4. Reviewing and improving your business plan and helping in marketing too by featuring you on or website for free.

FasterCapital is not a venture capital nor a traditional incubator but a unique combination of both. We have a model of co-founding and co-funding per equity. Please note that we have a no-cash principle so we won’t provide or get any cash. We develop your product and invest 50% of the money needed in the process of technical development and get equity in return.

The conditions for being accepted in the Tech Cofounder program:

  1. You should be willing to allow FasterCapital to become the technical cofounder and develop the whole product from A to Z, or continue its development or partially help in the development. Note: We don’t provide cash investment but rather technical development per equity.
  2. It’s preferable if the entrepreneur(s) have secured 50% of the money needed in the current round of funding. If they have not then we can help by introducing investors from our side and by providing a letter of commitment. The LOC will confirm that FasterCapital is ready to invest 50% of the money and this should increase the chances of the startup raising the other half. In some cases, we might invest more than 50% of the amount.
  3. You should be willing to provide an equity to FasterCapital in exchange for the technical development that it will be providing. FasterCapital will also provide lot of other free services through the Tech Cofounder program such as market study, feasibility study, market strategy and other legal services for free! FasterCapital will not be charging the entrepreneur for any of these services because we feel it’s our duty to provide them as a technical cofounder.
  4. You don’t need to relocate to UAE. Our incubator is a virtual incubator and you can reside anywhere in the world and even keep your daily job until the startup is built.