Get Involved

If you are wondering how to be part of AIC RAISE , you have plenty of options to be with us and change the world.

Become a Partner

Become a partner and share in everything that we are.

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Be an Investor

Become an investor and capitalize on great ideas and start-up projects.

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Be a Mentor

Become a mentor and help lead and guide the next generation of start-ups in the field of your interest

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Collaborate with us and give us a hand in finding solutions to the present world problems

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Become a volunteer and help in making the world a different and better place

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Current Partners

AIC RAISE enjoys a wide range of partners and associates who are here to scale-up the ladder of success with us. Here are a few notable one

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Current Mentors

Our portfolio of current mentors is rich of people who will not only offer you great insights and knowledge but also share their great experience in the world of start-ups and business at large.

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Job Opportunities

While working with AIC raise one gets exposed to varied range of investors and employers who are willing to hire every talent to see their business grow.

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