Investors Lounge with Preeti Chaudhary


AIC RAISE Presents Investors Lounge, where startups and founders can interact with Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists from across the globe. She introduced herself and her work as a matchmaker between start-ups and investors. She talked about AIC raise and her association with this institution

“It’s a nice platform for start-ups and the ecosystem in Coimbatore”

MR. Akash V. Director: Relativity Management Solutions

His session went under the title “It’s not WHAT we do, but HOW we do that makes the different” He stressed the importance of what we do in the world of business. The way we do things is what distinguishes a person in this context. “The end result is important but also the ‘journey’ and ‘the stories across’ matter.

He communicated his beliefs that drive him:

1- integrity is everything

2- Grow by uplifting others, not by uplifting yourself alone

3- learning shouldn’t stop; “I am learning from you now” he stated

4- Lead by example

5- I need to leave a legacy

He asked his addressees to consider the question

“Do we leave a mark when we depart from this world?”

“it doesn’t mean that we all should be big shots, leave a mark in the people who matter to you. That is legacy”

Mr. Shanjay Founder of At 641

“Adapting one and Crating One”

Mr. Shanjay started his session with stimulating questions:

“What do you want in life?”

“What is work?”

“How do you proceed with your life? “

Stating that it all begins with the thought which turn into actions. He specified one important criterion that defines our work, the impact we have on society. He also addressed the importance of balancing life and work One important issue is how to adapt to work. He stressed that “You can’t love what is not yours”

By this he meant that “you have to choose from the beginning whether to adapt to work or not”. Asserting that he has chosen a work he loves where he sometimes meets people and shares ideas with them.

“The only reason I am here is my ability to balance”

The session ended with an introductory video of at 641 café. It is a community for “foodies, sports fans, cinema lovers, music fanatics, gamers, artists, freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups, travellers, bikers, photographers, models, dancers, college students”