National Sustainability Impact Institution's Ranking

AIC Raise foundation supported by NITI Aayog government  of  India and Atal Innovation Mission also an officially listed member of United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN) Is proud to announce National Sustainability Impact Institutions Ranking (NSIIR).

This is the prestigious recognition that aims to honor educational institution supporting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by developing a sustainable culture in their campus, inculcating the same in the curriculum and in its day-to-day activities.

Who We Are ?

Atal Incubation Centre (AIC) RAISE is India’s 1st startup incubation Centre focusing on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by delivering solutions through start-ups to environmental problems. We work on nurturing and supporting start-ups that use technology and creativity to solve social and environmental problems.
We support mission-driven founders and start-ups by providing all necessary support to achieve their mission.

Who Can Apply

An institution passionate about UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and active engage in Sustainability Initiatives with Measurable Impact, Innovation and Creativity, Documentation and Evidence, Collaboration and Partnerships can apply.

Arts & Science

Research Institutions

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Evaluation Criteria

Integration of SDGs in Curriculum


Student Engagement & Empowerment


Research & Innovation


Campus Operations & Facilities


Community Engagement & Outreach


Collaboration & Partnerships


Monitoring & Reporting


Leadership & Institutional Commitment

Scoring Criteria

An Institution’s total score in a given year is calculated by combining its score in SDG 17 with its best three results on the remaining 16 SDGs.

The score from each SDG is scaled so that the highest score in each SDG in the overall calculation is 100 and the lowest score is 0. This is to adjust for minor differences in the scoring range in each SDG and to ensure that Institutions are treated equitably whichever SDGs they have provided data for. It is these scaled scores that we use to determine which SDGs a university has performed in most strongly; they may not be the SDGs in which the university is ranked highest or has scored highest based on unscaled scores.

SDG 17 accounts for 22 per cent of the total score, while the other SDGs each carry a weighting of 26 per cent. This means that different institutions are scored based on a different set of SDGs, depending on their focus. The score for the overall ranking is an average of the last two years’ total scores.

29th September
Application Submission Open
25th October
Application Submission Closed
08th December
Evaluation & Selection Process
20th December
Ranking Announcement
Is there any registration or nomination fee required for National Sustainability Impact Institution Ranking (NSIIR)?

No, Registration or Nomination fee for National Sustainability Impact Institution Ranking (NSIIR) is absolutely free. This initiative taken by AIC RAISE foundation supported by NITI Aayog government  of  India and Atal Innovation Mission also an officially listed member of United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN) 

Is the National Sustainability Impact Institution Ranking (NSIIR) a ranking or an accreditation process?

NSIIR is not about accrediting institutions. Instead, it's a way to look at and rank institutions that aims to assess and rank institutions based on their sustainability impact and contributions, rather than providing accreditation.

Is the registration application process for the National Sustainability Impact Institution Ranking (NSIIR) conducted entirely online?

Absolutely, the NSIIR registration process is carried out entirely online.

Who is eligible to participate in the NSIIR?

Any institution that meets the criteria for sustainability and innovation is welcome to take part in the NSIIR.

How are institutions ranked in NSIIR?

Institutions are ranked based on their demonstrated sustainability impact. Specific criteria might include environmental stewardship, social responsibility, innovation in sustainability, and more.

How can I stay updated about NSIIR announcements and updates?

To stay updated on NSIIR news, updates, and relevant info, make sure to visit the official NSIIR website regularly and consider subscribing to newsletters or notifications, if available.

What are the benefits of participating in NSIIR?

Engaging in NSIIR provides the opportunity to enhance visibility, gain acknowledgment for their sustainability initiatives, and have a platform to exhibit the impact on a larger level.

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