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Cohort IV (Jan 2022- Sep 2022 )

Laterpe is a technology driven payment company laterpe provides a service and software infrastructure that allows its retail merchant clients to offer end customer the ability to buy goods and services on their websites on a EMI basis with interest free instalment

Jkrish Private Limites is a complete ordering application with end to end tracking. Customers can get their tasty food, meat, groceries, vegetables at their door place with a quick delivery team.

Regenf generates an authorizing platform for swapping/trading of product-based used goods in a secure and rapid manner. Regenf working to produce a regeneration framework which involves reusing, sharing, and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible.

NGB Tech Solutions Internationals Private Limited is a platform for all community (Social Groups) needs. An app that gives entry, membership card, payment, monthly subscriptions, easy communications, and exit points

 Farmers are already taking notice of our in-house created hydroponic systems. The USP of our systems id that they are made specially to cater the needs the rural farmers. They are cheap as they are made of inexpensive and easily available materials, making them affordable for economically disadvantaged farmers.

Mechanmotors manufactures of motor vehicles, trailers and semi trailers. Enhancing lives through E-Mobility and convert existing two wheeler Petrol Vehicles into Electric Vehicles. No Modification is required on existing petrol vehicles.

Ardor Biomed is a startup company founded with a focus on developing biologic devices for clinical applications. The company is currently in the development of advanced wound care product primarily utilizing naturally derived materials. The product under development is a bacterial cellulose based moist wound care device, which utilizes wasted mature coconut water to manufacture the cellulose, which acts as the substrate for the device.

Scope Databsae is engaged in the business of Publication Company and collection of bibliographic citation database of scholarly scientific journals, conference proceedings, trade journals and book series. Scope Database is the world’s most trusted global citation database used by many research Institutions all over the world. Scope Database provides extensive summary of the research achievements in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology, Management, Medicine, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities etc.

WHIMISCAL GROWERS PRIVATE LIMITED is an Aleovera product manufacturers and they manufacture Aloevera Juice and related products

Trinitus is a eco-friendly and environmental project with business benefits. It’s a waste management project where all type of plastics also non-recyclable plastics can be converted into furnace oil/ Light diesel oil

KarIoT is built as a complete remote water management system merged with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies.With technology, we aim to revolutionize water management system for generations to come.

Smoose operate and cook the food on behalf of the food brand in their own shared delivery kitchens by licensing the menu or SOP. They take care of raw materials sourcing, cooking, packaging and delivery partner handling.

As startup with the objective is to provide best guidance, educating and training to the students in the native or regional languages like (Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, kannada) for developing required skills for the society needs. This regional way of teaching helps the students to ease understanding and enhancing their thinking capability. Every student in this country represents a new beacon of light for the country’s development progress. We can help them to achieve their dreams and shine longer, brighter, and better.

Radmat are currently into developing an innovative tool that integrates technologies such as material design optimization, composite customization and multi-scale modeling to arrive at the perfect composite that is functionally superior and cost-effective. We then propose to integrate these technologies with a electronic beam based bonding technology.

Cohort III (Feb 2021- Dec 2021)

Hivericks technologies is a company building cutting edge, high performing and environment friendly products in the consumer electronics space as well as commercial applications to create SMART and GREEN HOMES and communities.

Startup focusing on Biomedical research and commercialisation. Currently, working on user friendly self-test kits for various diseases like TB, Covid-19 etc. and has already completed 1000 human trials and IP filing.

Business Operating Applications (BOA) platform that will transform the day-to-day business processes / activities into LEAN way (eliminate Coordinator / Coordination in the Business Processes) and make employees work more efficiently to achieve the Organization Goals.

Embracing artisans community with 25+ skilled artisans currently in various art forms including paper, art board, bamboo, coconut shell, jewellery etc. Working with the objective of providing better livelihood opportunities for skilled artisans by facilitating virtual paid art training to interested people, artifact orders, etc.

India’s first of its kind digital web platform ,,(say a combination of magic bricks and Airbnb)meant only for “elders stay” With this platform, the elderly can identify the right home be it for short term or long term) that, also supports their lifestyle needs in their area of choice all at the fingertips! Elders A to Z is totally different from the current search engines on the Internet or the enquiry database companies that you have experienced so far

 Skill Safari is an E-learning platform focusing on providing Skill Enhancement Training modules. Understanding the latest technology and industry requirements, Skill Safari focuses on developing learning modules to help the placement preparation and Skill Building for students.

Creating dedicated platform for interactive stories for improvising reading habits among kids

Bizregister makes it easy to apply for business registrations, tax compliances, legal services, copyright, trademark solutions all under one online portal providing one stop solution for startups & SMEs.

 Working on easy impact focsued payment gateway solutions for P2P transactions

Cohort II (Jun 2020-Feb 2021)

A startup building Innovative Tech to solve Medical, Social, and Environmental problems.

Creating Sustainable technology Ecosystem to make lives better. Aspire Factory creates a sustainable ecosystem by enabling local communities to solve problems with tech solutions.

India’s Favourite Green Fuels Marketplace. Buyofuel gives you the tool and intelligence to take your business to the next level

SellTrash aims at making the world cleaner, safer and healthier. They hope to make people see the beauty and benefits of recycling electronic waste instead of burning them and endangering our planet.

Elders A to Z is India’s first of its kind digital web platform, meant only for “elders stay”. With this platform, the elderly can identify the right home (be it for short term or long term) that, also supports their lifestyle needs in their area of choice.

Spotknack helps students find skills and Companies find Students by having students race through various levels to solve nerve racking engineering problems,upgrade their skills, earn points and connect with potential recruiters .

Hyperstack is a Blockchain playroom where all kinds of Documents, Identity, and certificates can be stored in the decentralised blockchain. As Publicly and Privately accessible ledgers, Hyper stack can make all kinds of record keeping more efficient. Property titles, College Degrees, etc. are a case in point. They tend to be susceptible to fraud, as well as costly and labour intensive to administer.

NGV Natural Industry is food processing startup, they process bamboo shoots and making them as a ready to cook product. They are processing it naturally and making it an easy to cook product

Cohort I ( Aug 2019-May 2020)

By mapping available public toilets in cities, they hoped to encourage people to use them more. Inadvertently, it also opened a can of worms to bigger problems like the lack of sanitation or infrastructure at these facilities.

Cercle enables companies to handle their waste from their factories at the click of a button. It’s completely automated, and within an hour of raising a request, the hauler will pick up the waste. It’s like an Uber for Trash, only better.

Edudharma is India’s leading social fundraising platform. With a community of more than 50,000 donors, Edudharma is changing the way the world gives. Edudharma Supported Raise Fund for Personnel, health, Sports, and Education Needs.

Vidhya Vidhai Foundation is striving towards enabling and transforming under-resourced schools in Tamil Nadu to provide children what they deserve — quality education that will fundamentally alter their life path.

Avasarshala is a platform that connects avenues like competitions and scholarships with parents and talented students and helps them find opportunities that can develop their talents and bring them exposure.

Charitymonk is a humble initiative by a group of youngsters to channelize this boom for the welfare of our society, by helping NGOs and charities to raise free funds, while people shop online without spending an extra dime.

Using the power of Offline Mobile Payment, we have made it our mission to build a One Single Payment Solution which translates all our cash transaction into digital payment, to enable a CASHLESS society.

Peppa provides eco-friendly stationery and sustainable solution for brands across the world.

 JK DATA SYSTEMS has a strong emphasis on (ESDM), Outsourced Product Development(OPD) and is deeply committed to creating an end to end systems design and embedded products in this area.

Solavio Labs has been developing innovative technologies and engineering solutions for improving the performance of solar power plants including the autonomous solar panel cleaning BOT with a modular design; making it compatible with almost any structure type, mounting area or climatic condition.

Hulikkal takes pride in going ahead of time and driving into the future with the promotion of EV technology in India. Hulikkal Electric Vehicles, established in June 2012 based in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, entered into the market with state-of-the-art Lithium Ion Battery based Electric Bicycles and Tricycles.

GradRaise delivers career-relevant programs from world-class universities through the most effective #TeamChalk Blended Learning techniques.

Payment gateway solution for Small businesses, Freelancers, Individuals, Offline to Online business and Services industry to accept payments.

Bitbrains is working on developing customised web, app and software solutions for social impact projects.

It is a new age technology driven company, providing comprehensive SaaS based ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) products to address end to end sustainability needs of companies across the globe.
RSR has taken the media & entertainment sector into a social version, creating social awareness on various real time problems in the society such as child abusing, gender biasing etc. With more than 1 Lakh subscribers in YouTube, this digital startup has received more honours and recognitions for their social contents.
The Better Way is developing food products / drugs / functional foods based on Siddha and Ayurveda principles backed with scientific validation. From concept to product development including packaging and life cycle study.

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