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We the AIC Raise Business Incubator, Facilitating Tech Startups by nurturing your Idea into a
Prototype with our Pre Incubation Program entitled “Tech Catalysts”. The Program is designed
exclusively for those who dare to dream and aspire to change the world through technology.
Whether you’re a student with a revolutionary concept or an early-stage entrepreneur looking to
take your startup to new heights, our program is your launchpad to success.

For the following nine weeks, the startups will be inducted and trained on the essentials of entrepreneurship. Upon graduation from the 9 weeks program startups will receive a certificate and successful startups will be selected for long-term incubation at the AIC RAISE incubator for an additional 6 months.

Sector Spotlight

Deep Tech

Health & Med Tech

Food Tech

Green Tech

Climate Tech

Energy Tech

Skys the limit

Who are we looking for

How the Program Helps You

9-Week Intensive Learning
Dive deep into the essentials of starting a tech-based business.
Sector-Specific Workshops
Gain in-depth knowledge in your chosen sector.
Mentorship and Networking
Connect with industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs.
Pitch Deck Development
Craft a compelling presentation for investors
Fundamentals of Funding
Learn how to secure financial support for your venture.

Tech catalysts Progress Path

Week 1: Orientation and Idea Validation

Day 1: Program Welcome and Introduction

Day 2: Team Formation and Icebreaking

Day 3: Ideation Workshops

Day 4: Pitching Practice

Day 5: Mentorship Sessions

Week 2: Market Research and Customer Validation

Day 1: Understanding the Market Landscape

Day 2: Customer Persona Development

Day 3: Market Validation Strategies

Day 4: Guest Speaker Session

Day 5: Mentorship and Feedback

Week 3: Business Model Development

Day 1: Business Model Canvas Workshop

Day 2: Value Proposition and Pricing Strategies

Day 3: Financial Projections

Day 4: Pitch Deck Creation

Day 5: Investor Pitch Practice

Week 4: Prototype and MVP Development

Day 1: Prototyping and MVP Workshop

Day 2: Building Prototypes

Day 3: User Testing and Feedback

Day 4: Pivot and Adaptation

Day 5: Pitch Practice

Day 1: Intellectual Property Rights

Day 2: Business Structure and Legal Requirements

Day 3: Regulatory Compliance

Day 4: Mentorship on Legal Matters

Day 5: Pitch to Legal Experts

Week 6: Marketing and Customer Acquisition

Day 1: Marketing Strategies and Campaign Planning

Day 2: Digital Marketing Techniques

Day 3: Sales and Customer Acquisition

Day 4: Networking Opportunities

Day 5: Pitch and Feedback

Week 7: Financial Planning and Funding

Day 1: Financial Management and Budgeting

Day 2: Funding Options and Strategies

Day 3: Investor Relations

Day 4: Pitch to Potential Investors

Day 5: Pitch and Feedback

Week 8: Scaling and Growth Strategies

Day 1: Scaling Your Business

Day 2: Expansion Strategies

Day 3: Operations and Logistics

Day 4: Networking Opportunities

Day 5: Pitch and Feedback

Week 9: Program Conclusion and Next Steps

Day 1: Program Recap and Achievements

Day 2: Future Plans and Incubation Opportunities

Day 3: Graduation Ceremony and Awards

Day 4: Networking and Celebrations

Day 5: Closing Remarks and Farewell

The Takeaway Triumph

Ready to take your tech idea to the next level? Apply for the AIC Raise Pre-Incubation Program today!

Last date to Apply: 15.12.2023

For Inquiries: 8870784354 | 8668114243

Email :,


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