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Program in Brief

The AIC RAISE pre-incubation program enables innovators to build their startups by synergizing their business plan with global best practices, thereby helping them to successfully enter the market and scale up their business. The pre-incubation program is a 9-week intensive business program. It starts with the online program Introduction to Innovation that prepares the entrepreneurs for the upcoming sessions. For the following eight weeks, the startups will be inducted and trained on the essentials of entrepreneurship. Upon graduation from the 9 weeks program startups will receive a certificate and successful startups will be selected for long-term incubation at the AIC RAISE incubator for an additional 6 months.

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Complete Process

AIC RAISE will initially select up to 15 start-ups for our 4 weeks
“pre-incubation phase”. We will work together with you to sharpen your value proposition, define your target market, get market feedback on your product/technology, and create and achieve milestones to bring your company to the market.

 A key part of our methodology is “getting out of the building” to collect real market data and understand the voice of the customer. Hands-on training programs will take place at AIC RAISE for the physical program. Otherwise, there is a virtual program for the same. Upon completion of the 4 weeks’ program, we will select the qualified startups to incubate at AIC RAISE for a longer, more in-depth incubation period. These companies will have full access to the incubator facilities and network for up to an additional 6 months. During this time we will work with you to take your company to the next level on getting your product to market, growing your customer and revenue base, and, if appropriate, work to get you funding for scaling up operations and market growth. Companies selected for long term incubation will sign an MoU with AIC RAISE.

Program Schedule

Session 1

Zero to Zillion - Travel towards your Dream - Opening Session

Session 2

Understand & Validate your Customer

Session 3

Map and Measure your Market

Session 4

Lean Model Canvas - Snapshot Your Idea

Session 5

Proof of Concept

Session 6

Goals & Milestones Setting

Session 7

Finances and creating a world-class pitch

Session 8

Startup Pitching - Closing Session

4 Extra roundtable sessions with Mentors

Round Table Discussion with Startups

4 Extra Exposure Sessions with Mentors

Exposure Session with Startups/ Entrepreneurs


What we look for!

We are a sector agnostic business incubator.
We look for startups where we can add the most value by bringing the global best practices of entrepreneurship.
We are looking for startups in their early stages of business with a proof of concept/MVP, which undergoing testing with a commercially ready prototype and have some customers during testing phase.
Social ventures are also welcome which have a scalable business and sustainable business model. We look for startups that have a clear value proposition and quantifiable benefits.
Usually, this will translate into companies with a business to business (B2B) model, but not always. Lastly, applicants must have an innovative component.
Ideally startups have a technology/product with a unique market value.

Points to be noted

* The program timelines are tentative and may vary with respect to Indian and Worldwide holidays as designated by the Government.
* Content of the program may vary with respect to the availability of national and international experts.
* Selected startups are required to attend the full course of the pre-incubation program. Insufficient attendance may lead to termination.
* AIC RAISE does not provide any financial assistance during the course of the program.

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