Solavio Labs

Founded in 2016, Solavio Labs is a startup under the engineering umbrella. Its main specialties are in; R&D, Innovation, Product development, Solar, Renewables, Robotics 

One of the main proprietary products they have is a fully automated solar cleaning bot. The aim of the developers was to come up with an engineering solution that could improve the performance of solar power plants both on large and small scale.  


After observation they discovered that the leading challenge with the current solar plants was reduced solar radiation intensity due to impurities being deposited on the surface of the solar panels. The main impurity being dust. The immediate solution to this was cleaning the solar panels frequently in order to minimize the loss of efficiency and allow as much radiation as possible to reach the photovoltaic cells of the panels.  

How it works  

Having discovered the problem, solavio labs developed a fully autonomous modular solar cleaning bot that works with the conventional solar cleaning methods.  


The proprietary product is a fully automated device that comes with different fittings depending on the needs of individual panels and customers. The bot can both dry clean and also use water for cleaning. It works perfectly well in any environment whether hot, dry or humid; both on the tropics and the extreme climate condition areas. It can be mounted on flat surfaces or on tilted solar panel surfaces and the result is always the same; super clean solar panels! They have cameras fitted, which use artificial intelligence to detect the edges of the panels, therefore the bots do not fall off. The bots work perfectly on both ground and rooftop mounts so no worry of where to place your solar panels.  


Key features  

The team 

Solavio labs has seven team members in India and is expanding rapidly. The team has operational offices in Dubai with three members working there. It is headed by the duo SURAJ MOHAN and PRASHANT GOEL who have an eye for innovation, developing solutions to present day problems. The leadership team also includes MONIKA DAVE and has the backing of a very strong advisory board. 


Suraj says that they ensure that they put the customer at the forefront of any decision-making process. The customer is the most important person in any business venture.  The team continues to forge its path into the future by continuing to promote a spirit of innovation and creativity adding more features to the bot.  


Solavio Labs envisions one day making a big merger with one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels so that their solar cleaning bots are sold together with the solar panels. These will enable them to sell on large scale and also increase their market reach. They also aim at reaching all countries in the world that are using solar power and making their products global. Currently their solar cleaning bots are sold in all continents.  


Solavio Labs signed an MoU with the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) to develop and supply Autonomous cleaning Bots for their solar plants. DEWA is directly owned and run by the Govt of UAE and interestingly DEWA owns the largest single site Independent Power Producer plant in the world, The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. Solavio Labs is the first start-up in India to be incubated and supported by DEWA. 

Solavio Labs and AIC RAISE   

Early in the year 2020 Solavio labs was proudly incubated at AIC RAISE under the Rathinam Group in Coimbatore, India. Ever since the group has enjoyed all the benefits that come along with being part of the AIC RAISE community. The team also received an award for being an outstanding startup from the Attal Incubation Centre during its inauguration.   


“As a startup owner leading a young aspirational team, I find that being in a shared office space increases my team’s productivity, and widens their awareness on new developments in the business and cultural arena. There is a definite sense of camaraderie and pride shared between the various businesses within AIC as they establish growth and success.” SURAJ MOHAN