Startups Ignite

Helping Students Become Successful Entrepreneurs

Are you a student with big ideas and a strong desire to make a mark in the world of starting businesses? Look no further, because Startup Ignite is here to help you succeed! We’ve created a special program just for student startups to give you a great start on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.

Opening Doors to Exciting Opportunities

Startup Ignite’s main goal is to take your business dreams to new heights. We understand that students who want to start businesses face unique challenges – from balancing school/college work to finding money for their ideas, and from improving their products to understanding how businesses work. Our program is designed not only to face these challenges head-on but also to give you the confidence to overcome them.

We're Committed to Your Success

We’re really dedicated to helping you succeed. We believe that knowledge is really important, so we’ll give you lots of useful information and skills that you need to do well in the competitive world of startups. Our experienced mentors will share their priceless knowledge with you, guiding you through the tough decisions and situations that you’ll encounter.

Join the Innovation Gala: HACKOHOLICS

As part of Startup Ignite, we’re excited to introduce HACKOHOLICS – a celebration of creativity, clever ideas, and teamwork. This special event is India’s most important open innovation hackathon. It’s even bigger than The 100 student startups Global Movement, which is a well-known international organization focused on open innovation. We’re working hard to make HACKOHOLICS incredibly successful.
Startup Ignite is really happy to announce a special prize for the winners of HACKOHOLICS – India’s top open innovation event. The winning startup, Backyard Creators, will receive a respected grant of 1 lakh rupees, which will help them on their journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs.


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