Our Startups Portfolio

2020-2021 Cohort

nGV Natural Industry is into processing Nutrition rich natural food. Banana stem is a healthy natural vegetable, we are into processing and making it as Ready to Cook Product.
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2019-2020 Cohort

Cercle enables companies to handle their waste from their factories at the click of a button. It's completely automated, and within an hour of raising a request, the hauler will pick up the waste. It’s like an Uber for Trash, only better.
Avasarshala is a platform that connects avenues like competitions and scholarships with parents and talented students and helps them find opportunities that can develop their talents and bring them exposure.
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Using the power of Offline Mobile Payment, we have made it our mission to build a One Single Payment Solution which translates all our cash transaction into digital payment, to enable a CASHLESS society.
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RSR Media is a content creation company. They create viral content for brands that associate with and also digitally market the video to reach it worldwide.
Headed by an energetic and visionary youngster team, the startup is working with a vision to be an indispensable part of the Indian Industrial and Education sector and promote the Make in India revolution in the process, in the field of Robotics and Rapid Prototyping solutions.