Education and Social Entrepreneurship

In India, and most countries in the world, the economic, social, and political institutions are designed to provide for the basic needs and fundamental rights of all citizens in society.  However, most are failing to address the escalating socio-economic problems for large segments of the population. Presently education focuses on knowledge transmission rather than skill … Read moreEducation and Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship; its impact for the future

Social entrepreneurs form the minority among those entrepreneurs who are seeking financial freedom. Though they are perhaps the least in number, social entrepreneurs are focused on solving some of the world’s biggest problems. They utilize the latest technologies and innovations, and are driven to create an impact that will improve our lives and environment. Making money is not enough for them. … Read moreSocial Entrepreneurship; its impact for the future

Building a Business Empire with Networking

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Ever wondered why some companies fail while others thrive in the same business line? Assuming today two people were given the same amount of seed capital to start a similar type of business in the same location, sharing the same customers we can almost be pretty sure that given some time one business will outgrow … Read moreBuilding a Business Empire with Networking