We are a hub for innovations and start-ups whose implementation can translate into long-term solutions for India’s social and economic problems.



Link you with the right mentors who will not only help you grow exponentially but also improve your strategic thinking and planning

market connect

Market Connect

Deep expertise and singular commitment to the startup industry to make it easier for entrepreneurs and consumers to connect and build the future, together

seed capital

Seed Capital

Our company matches investors who are potential providers of seed capital with startups who are able to develop this seed capital into a profitable and beneficial business

Next Gen Startup Workspace

NexT Gen Startup Workspace

We provide an exquisite workspace and a supporting environment that provides startups with everything they need

Training and Workshops

Trainings and Workshops

Our community provides in-depth training workshops for startups where they can boost their abilities and experiences through learning activities in highly engaging workshops

Industry Collborations

Industry Collaborations

AIC Raise will ensure that you enjoy industry collaborations as befits your business and interest

Peer Support and Access to Networks

Peer Support & Access to Networks

Startups are allowed to access networks of people and provides knowledge, experience, emotional and social support through meetings whether online or in person

Access to Impact Investments & CSR

Access to Impact Investments & CSR

We encourage corporate social responsibility (CSR) that makes startups and businesses aware of the impact they are having on the economic, social and environmental aspects of society

Access to Impact Investments & CSR

Enterprise Support

AIC 24/7 enterprise support program offers standard support services to help provide personalized care that meets your business needs.