IEDC Centre for Innovation, Creativity
and Entrepreneurship


AIC RAISE IEDC Centre focuses on igniting innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship spirit among students to evolve viable products and solutions addressing various problem statements of the society and to build global level startups from our Nation. 

Salient features of


Our Selection Process

For setting up AIC RAISE IEDC, proposals are invited from eligible institutions. A Sub-committee is constituted to critically examine and evaluate the proposals on various parameters namely; completeness of the proposal, innovation content, overall methodology and quality of student projects. Short listed institutions are invited for the final presentation before the National Expert Advisory Committee (NEAC) constituted by AIC RAISE & UN SDSN who in turn, recommends the eligible institutions. List of selected institutions is displayed on . The entire process takes about 4-6 months.

While assessing the entrepreneurs in our venture here is what we look out for:


We look out for individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship. They should show unwavering commitment to community development and positive change. Individuals who have the ability to mobilize support and resources for their work.


We look for individuals who are open to feedback and can gain from our non-financial support.

Strength and workability

The idea you present on the table should be workable and executable. It should be focused on solving a particular social or economic problem or a need that is not met in the society.

Willingness to Learn

We are out on the lookout for individuals who are open to learning and gaining new ideas. Individuals who will take feedback and criticisms positively and work on it to better themselves and their projects.

Focused Activities of the Program ​

Our Incubation programs are structured to give an all-round growth with specific emphasis on
venture growth and corporate management leadership.

Community Events and Certifications
Direct intake into AIC RAISE’s unique Student Entrepreneurship Training Program, the “Next Founder”.
5+ Community events in an academic year. Community events by Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Facebook, LinkedIn, TIE, IAN and 40+ communities/organizations. Azure Demo day, Google DevFest, Google IO, Facebook Circles, LinkedIn Connect, Apple Demo day, Investor Pitches, and Startup Clinics etc.
E-Magazines and Internships
Students would also be eligible to earn through our curated platform and part time through our student startup projects
Students will be signed up for 30+ Mailing services which will contain Entrepreneurship, Tech events, Student competitions, reward programs, and Entrepreneurial progression news. Students would get the opportunity to intern for 50+ partnering companies and startups
Startup Seed Fund
Attracting Investors for selected innovative student projects and ideas to bring laurel and recognition to the institution.
Support for tech development projects for the institutions such as Web Development, Mobile Solutions, Digital Marketing and ERP. Seed fund for selected innovative project ideas of students as a stipend or reimburse travel costs for international competitions
Innovation Space
The lab can be in any model as Centre of Excellence, Industry lab, Fabrication Lab etc. based on the institution
Support for setting up Makerspace lab with hardware like 3D printer, Electronics, Educational Kits, Books, Decor and $1000 worth of software for institutions. Awareness and support on various Government grants, funds and private sponsored funds available for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship
Booster Discounts
The entire system would be managed under nodal centre as membership hence reducing the hassle for managing 100+ companies
Students are entitled to receive discounts from 100+ partner companies. The range of discounts includes tech discounts, entrepreneurial services and others.
Events Waiver
Students of partner institutions are eligible for discounts in common events organized by AIC RAISE
Events like startup pitches, technology learning, workshops, orientation and leadership programs are to be arranged Students get to attend the events with priority or host a student edition in their institution based on request and availability
Bootcamps, Hackathons & Social Impact
Support to conduct one hackathon per year on tech and social impact domains. We also conduct bootcamps for students which creates an impact among students
Our sophisticated network would help the student’s ideas to take form and implement in real life applications. Government Organizations and Policy Makers will be involved to solve real life problems through these hackathons. Industry change makers as Mentors for improvising the quality of hackathons to International standards and to bring collaboration to the institution.
Massive Open Online Courses
Students would receive 100+ eBooks based on technology, startup, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students would also be the first beta testers for online educational contents
Students would receive discounts on native MOOC for topic of their choice. Students would receive 100+ eBooks based on technology, startup, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students would also be the first beta testers for online educational contents

What’s Next? ​


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