Incubation Programs

do you want to turn your business idea into
an investment-ready enterprise?

our incubation program

Startups and first-time entrepreneurs are at the centre of our incubation program. Entrepreneurs joining AIC RAISE are provided with the best opportunities and knowledge to refine their idea, launch their enterprises, grow it into profitable business and finally deliver high-impact solutions.

Our program can best be summarized
in the acronym RAISE

Refine and Review

We help you refine your idea to match the market and industry demand.


We increase the scope, extent and rate of execution of your idea.


We Expand (increase in size and number) your business idea.


We brood over your idea and bring it to hatching. We give support and aid the development of your idea.


We assess the development of your business and advice accordingly.

Our Selection Process


We look out for individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship. They should show unwavering commitment to community development and positive change. Individuals who have the ability to mobilize support and resources for their work.

Willingness to Learn

We are out on the lookout for individuals who are open to learning and gaining new ideas. Individuals who will take feedback and criticisms positively and work on it to better themselves and their projects.


We look for individuals who are open to feedback and can gain from our non-financial support.

Strength and workability

The idea you present on the table should be workable and executable. It should be focused on solving a particular social or economic problem or a need that is not met in the society.

What is life like at AIC RAISE
Incubation centre?

Our incubation programs are structured to give an all-round growth with specific
emphasis on venture growth and corporate management leadership.

Induction to community you will be introduced to a stimulating environment that gives you the chance to get to know other entrepreneurs, develop your ideas and be influenced by peers who would lend you deeper insights.

Goal Setting. Our team will work with you to set your goals, dreams and milestones that you need to achieve as well as the plan of how to achieve them.

Personal instructor. You will get a chance to work with a coach on developing your abilities, potentials, relationship and communication with other team members and decision-making skills.

Location surveillance. Our team will visit with you to the site of your venture setup and see how and to what extent your project is applicable in the real world.

Effect assessment. We will work with you to evaluate your ideas not on the basis of profits only but also on the basis of the impact they leave on society.

Connecting to and building a network. You will Connect, contact and get to know experts and investors from different sectors and get to work with them.

Funding. Our team will not only give you the required seed capital but also teach you how to manage your funds to turn your ideas into reality.

Entrepreneurs retreat. We will take you on an entrepreneur retreat for you to learn from other players in the industry how to develop your leadership skills and take your venture to the next level with your team.

Training workshops. You will get a chance to hear from more experience entrepreneurs and gain experience and insights in various domains from marketing to finance and strategies.

Be a catalyst for social change.


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