AIC Nodal Centre Form


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    * Individual applying for the program or the person who will be the SPOC for AIC Raise Nodal Centre if Selected


    A. Type of Applicant *:UniversityCollege
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    2. Name of Parent University (for College):
    3. Specialisation of the educational institution (choose those applicable) *:AgricultureMedicalScienceManagementArts/ Humanities/ Social SciencesHealth, Biotechnology, Medical DevicesArts/ScienceCommerceMarketingE-commerceWater and wastewaterEngineering & TechnologyOther (please specify)

    4. Total number of students enrolled (Current academic year) *:
    Diploma: UG: PG: MPhil: PhD and above:
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    6. Focus area for scientific research *:Agriculture & alliedAutomobileAerospaceBiotechnologyChemicalsConsumer DurablesPharmaceuticalsDefenceEducationEnvironmentElectrical & PowerEnergy (Oil, Natural gas, Petroleum)Food processingHealthcareICT & ElectronicsInfrastructureManufacturingMaterialsMedicalMiningTelecommunicationTransportWaterOther
    B. IP related
    1. Number of research papers published in past 3 years:
    2. Number of technologies commercialized in past 3 years:
    3. Number of Indian or WIPO-compliant patents filed in last 3 years:01-56-2425 or more
    4. Number of Indian or WIPO-compliant patents received in last 3 years:01-56-2425 or more
    C. Prior experience
    1. Number of entrepreneurship awareness / training programs conducted in the last three fiscal years:01-56-2425 or more
    2. Have you accelerated / funded startups in the last three fiscal years?YesNo
    3. Total number of startups supported in the last three fiscal years:01-56-2425 or more
    4. Provide brief description of start-ups and entrepreneurs supported at your institution (50 words):


    Proposed AIC Nodal Centre Coordinator:

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    1. Total number of Academic and Industry Partners: 2. Total number of Entrepreneurship Partners:
    3. Provide details of 5 partners who are most relevant for the AIC:
    Name Type of partner Type of linkage Status(Existing/New) About the Partners
    a) Type of partner: Academic, Corporate, Individual, Start-up, Government, R&D Lab, Investment, Small Medium Enterprise (SME), Others (please specify).
    b) Type of Linkages: Buyer/Vendor, Mentoring, R&D, Business Innovation, Networking, Donor, Market access, Business Support, Other.
    4. What is the main strength of the organisation that you will leverage for the AIC? *Real estate / Office spaceMaker spaceWet Lab(s)Pool of strong business / tech mentorsNetworking with other institutions / Labs / AcademiaFinance for setting up the incubatorTest beds for pilotsFaculty guidesPatent facilitation centreTechnical supportOther support services
    5. Have you taken any other grant from any Government (Centre or State) ministry/organisation on entrepreneurship and innovations? *YesNo
    If Yes, please specify details about the grant:

    6. Is the grant currently active? *YesNo


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