Tamilnadu Startup Growth Conclave

India’s first Startup Incubation Centre focusing on the United Sustainable Development Goals AIC RAISE has hosted the event “Tamilnadu Startup Growth Conclave”. The event was a two-day conclave done to solve the problem and challenges for start-up enablers and professionals involved in the start-up and created a sustainable environment. It acts as a dynamic community of start-ups and investors. The conclave was organised with an objective to build the opportunity for the start-ups.

The Event started with dignitaries, investors, juries, start-ups and inaugurated with Honourable TamilNadu IT minister Thiru Mano Thangaraj and Dr Chintan Vaishnav, Mission Director of Atal Innovation mission. With them Local Community Heads & Charter Members along with partners decorated the stage.

Following the inauguration, Welcome Address was given by Dr. B. Nagaraj, Director Operations, AICRAISE. After that, Conclave introductory note was done by Dr Madan A Senthil, CEO-AICRAISE. Then the Felicitation to Prof. P. Kaliraj, Vice-Chancellor, Bharathiar University and Mr. M. Balasubramaniam, Global Investors Private Equity – Venture Capital, Strategic Technology Advisor added glory to the event. Then the Grand Conclave keynote was given by Tamilnadu Honourable IT Minister represented the major aim to recognise the importance of investment pitch. Then the keynote speech was continued and offered more quality contents. Then the inaugural closing note connected all the dots in framing virtual environment. Then we officially launched IEDC Logo and handed over which represented as an inspiration for communication.

The Personal Interaction between the Honourable TamilNadu IT minister Thiru Mano Thangaraj, and Dr Chintan Vaishnav, Mission Director of Atal Innovation mission.

The conclave finalised its journey from inception to growth and success. It personified the purpose of a conclave, its values, dedicated vision and its mission. With the Vote of Thanks, the conclave came to end. The final part is with campus tour and Press meet was enabled. The conclave acted as an eminent podium and contributed in the transformation of emerging ideas. This conclave served their needs and supported the start-ups.


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