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Coimbatore’s Top Technoparks with Futuristic Finesse

Coimbatore, the “Manchester of South India,” is no longer just a cotton giant. It’s morphing into a tech titan, weaving digital dreams with its burgeoning IT Parks in Coimbatore. And at the heart of this transformation lie its gleaming technoparks, futuristic havens where innovation hums and ambition takes flight. The Coimbatore Advantage: As the afterglow …

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Our Initiatives

Startup Students Corporate Omni Platform Execution (SCOPE) is a program which engages students in tackling real-time proiect problem statements. It brings together students from different institutions to solve oroblem statements from corporates. The Passionate international Innovation Network of Students (PINS) program aims to unite students from diverse institutions, providing them with the opportunity to collaborate …

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Our Partners

The Startup lab, an angel network made a stratagic partnership win AIC RAISE. Through this collaboration bath entities dim to foster the growth and devalopment of innovative startups by providing them with access to capital mentorship and a supportive ecosystem   CIVF (CHARUSAT INNOVATIVE VENTURES FOUNDATIONT Is an accelerator that specializes in nurturing eary-stage startups, …

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AIC Raise recently extended a warm welcome to delegates hailing from diverse educational institutions. The purpose behind this gathering was to provide a platform for these individuals to immerse themselves in the realm of entrepreneurial skills. They aimed to foster a deep understanding of innovative ideas, the business environment, and the plethora of opportunities that …

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Stupendous Achievement

We are thrilled to announce that one of our startup WATTELLO has emerged victorious in securing funding! Congratulations to Mr. Amritesh Vijaya Bhaskar for his hard work, dedication, and unwavering belief in his vision. This milestone is a testament to your collective efforts and the immense potential of your innovation. Here’s to a bright future …

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STARTUP ECOSYSTEM YATRA Kovai A discovery journey to bring together founders and ecosystem enablers across the nation to enable startups to scaleup was happened at AIC RAISE on 13th June 2023 An incredible event that brought together founders and ecosystem enablers at AIC RAISE, Coimbatore, on June 13th. 2023. Scaleup Circuit, a strategic initiative by …

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Startup Thinnai 2.0

WISE ‘s Startup Thinnai 2.0 !! From inspiring ideas to empower connections, Startup Thinnai 2.0 created an incredible platform for innovation and collaboration. We’re grateful for the unwaver- ing support and enthusiasm from our members. Together, we’re forging a path for women entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed worldwide. Stay tuned for more exciting endeavors from …

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SDG Hackthon

Great things are done by a series of smail things bought  togother! our unforgettable SDG Hackathon brought together incredible college students who showcased their skills determination, and creativity. As we wrap up our Hackathon with 2 Winners and l Impactor, this event was a huge success and left us excited for a future of Emitiess …

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