Logistics Innovation: E-Sandhai’s Impact on Agriculture!

In the heart of India’s agricultural sector, a silent revolution is taking place. The age-old problems of excess supply and short supply of vegetables and fruits have long troubled farmers and consumers, leading to uneven trade and financial instability. Enter E-Sandhai, a pioneering startup transforming this landscape with cutting-edge technology. This article delves into E-Sandhai’s journey and how AIC RAISE’s support has fueled their remarkable success.

E-Sandhai - Transforming Agriculture, Nourishing Communities

E-Sandhai, an innovative startup, has made a significant impact on India’s agricultural sector. Founded by visionary entrepreneurs Chollin Selvan, Niranchan S, and Sridharan M, the company has evolved into a key player in the industry. 

In the heartlands of India’s smaller cities, where agricultural produce forms the lifeline of communities, E-Sandhai emerges as a beacon of innovation. Specializing in the delivery of fresh vegetables, fruits, and groceries, E-Sandhai embodies a mission that is both simple and profound: bridging the gap between farmers and consumers while revolutionizing the supply chain dynamics. 

The name “E-Sandhai” translates to “eMarket” in Tamil, reflecting its core mission of creating a digital marketplace that connects farmers directly with consumers. This platform aims to eliminate middlemen, ensuring fair prices for both parties while promoting transparency and traceability in agricultural transactions. This dedication to fostering direct relationships and empowering local farmers underscores E-Sandhai’s commitment to reshaping the future of agriculture in India’s smaller cities.

The logo of E-Sandhai, commissioned by Chollin Selvan, symbolizes its vision and values. It features a vibrant green “e” emerging from a digital marketplace, representing growth and prosperity. The circular design signifies unity, with green shades symbolizing hope and a promising future. This design embodies E-Sandhai’s dedication to connecting farmers and consumers, fostering transparency, and supporting sustainable agricultural practices. 

Since its inception, E-Sandhai has achieved remarkable milestones. From April 2023 to February 2024, the platform processed over 3.4 million kilograms of produce, fulfilled 31,497 orders, and served 2,946 customers. Its strategic expansion into Tier II and Tier III cities has not only facilitated broader access to quality agricultural products but also promoted local economic growth and sustainability. 

E-Sandhai stands as a testament to entrepreneurial vision and innovation in transforming India’s agricultural landscape, aligning closely with the objectives of organizations like AIC RAISE in supporting impactful startups for societal and environmental benefits

AIC RAISE: Catalyzing Growth and Innovation

AIC RAISE has been instrumental in nurturing and supporting E-Sandhai’s growth. Our collaboration has provided financial incubation and access to a valuable network of local resources, helping E-Sandhai expand and innovate. 

Our journey with E-Sandhai began with a 25 Lakh investment in the financial year 2022-2023. This initial funding enabled E-Sandhai to expand from its base in Trichy and Perambalur to new regions including Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Pudukkottai, and Nagapattinam.

In March 2024, AIC RAISE facilitated a debt funding of 2 Crore from HDFC Bank for E-Sandhai, aiding their expansion plans in TamilNadu. This financial support has been crucial in helping E-Sandhai scale its operations and reach more farmers and consumers. 

Achievements and Milestones

E-Sandhai’s impressive growth is reflected in its significant milestones achieved in Financial Year 2023-2024: 

  • Revenue Growth: Surpassing 10+ Crore INR in revenue.
  • Team Expansion: Growing its team to over 100 staff members.
  • Operational Scale: Processing 600 tonnes of fresh vegetables every month over the past six months.

E-Sandhai received Tamil Nadu emerging sector seed funding, facilitated by Honorable Chief Minister Thiru. M.K. Stalin of Tamil Nadu. As of December 31, 2023, E-Sandhai reached a significant milestone by achieving ₹10 crores in revenue for FY 2023-24 within a 50 km radius, specifically in the Fruits and Vegetables category. This marks a remarkable growth from ₹1.6 crores in FY 2022-23, demonstrating a 6x increase over the past 9 months. 

These achievements underscore E-Sandhai’s commitment to transforming the sector and creating a more sustainable and efficient agricultural supply chain. 


E-Sandhai’s remarkable journey, supported by AIC RAISE’s strategic funding and invaluable resources, showcases the transformative impact of collaborative innovation in agriculture.

Discover more about how AIC RAISE continues to empower visionary startups like E-Sandhai.


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