Innovating Waste Solutions for Environmental Day

As we celebrate Environmental Day, it’s crucial to address one of the most pressing issues facing our planet: waste management. 

India, a rapidly growing nation, generates 9.4 million tonnes of plastic waste, 58.4 million tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW), 7.8 million tonnes of textile waste, and 3.28 million metric tons of e-waste annually. 

This creates a significant environmental challenge. On this special day, let’s explore innovative solutions to manage this waste and protect our planet.

Prioritizing Recycling for a Sustainable Future

Recycling is a crucial step towards a more sustainable future. It reduces our reliance on virgin resources and helps conserve the environment. By prioritizing recycling, we can divert waste from landfills and create a circular economy. 

Recycling is not a magic bullet, but it’s a powerful tool we have to combat waste. By making recycling a priority, we can lessen the environmental impact of our consumption habits and move towards a more sustainable future for India.

Meet Our Environment Revivers

On Environmental Day, we proudly introduce the #EnvironmentRevivers, featuring our very own startups leading the way in sustainable waste management. From Cercle X to Kovai BSF, Regenf, Green Era Recyclers, and Papercraft Lifestyle, our innovative ventures offer a diverse range of solutions to tackle various waste streams. Let’s delve into the remarkable initiatives they’re spearheading to address India’s waste challenges. 

Cercle X

Cercle X facilitates the connection between businesses and recyclers, providing waste collection services. Their pioneering MetaBin, integrated with NFTs, effectively monitors plastic waste, encouraging responsible disposal. This initiative fosters a circular economy by preventing plastic from entering landfills and reintegrating it into the production cycle. 

  • 3.5 Million kgs waste channelized to date. 
  • 24.3 Million kgs C02 emission avoided. 
  • 337 Million liters of water saved. 
  • 37.8 Million energy saved(Liters of oil equivalent(LOE)). ● 81,000 cu.m landfill Area saved. 

Tackling plastic waste directly, Cercle X implements an interconnected waste collection system. Their MetaBin employs advanced technology to monitor plastic waste and incentivize responsible disposal practices. By diverting plastic from landfills and facilitating its reutilization in the production process, Cercle X actively promotes a circular economy for plastic.

Kovai BSF

Kovai BSF uses Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) to repurpose municipal waste. These larvae consume organic waste, transforming it into a protein-rich food source suitable for pets, livestock, and fish. 

  • 1800 tons of wet waste saved from going to landfills. 

By utilizing Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Kovai BSF pioneers a unique approach to waste management, simultaneously reducing landfill waste and providing a sustainable protein alternative. 


Regenf advocates for sustainability through the resale of pre-loved furniture and appliances. They actively collect unwanted items, refurbish them, and make them available for purchase.

  • Prevented over 5000+ products from ending up in the landfills. 

Recognizing the inherent value in discarded items, Regenf meticulously refurbishes and resells preloved furniture and appliances. This endeavor not only minimizes waste but also enhances accessibility to high-quality 

goods for all. By extending the lifespan of these items, Regenf contributes to a more sustainable future while promoting a culture of reuse and resourcefulness. 

Green Era Recyclers

Green Era Recyclers is dedicated to safe and ethical disposal of electronic waste (e-waste). Through the implementation of eco-conscious methods, they aim to minimize environmental harm. This encompasses the careful dismantling, recycling, and repurposing of electronic components. 

  • CO2 emissions saved: 56,40,652 Kg. 
  • Water saved: 1,750 Kilo Liters.
  • E-waste diverted from landfills/open burning: 17,49,582 Kg. 

With electronic waste posing an increasing threat, Green Era Recyclers takes proactive measures to address this issue. By offering responsible e-waste disposal solutions, they prioritize safety and eco-friendliness. Through their efforts, electronic components are handled with care, ensuring they are dismantled, recycled, or repurposed in a responsible manner. This not only reduces our environmental impact but also conserves valuable resources for future generations. 

Papercraft Lifestyle

Papercraft Lifestyle champions sustainability in the fashion industry. They design, develop, and manufacture eco-friendly clothing. This likely involves using recycled materials or organic cotton to reduce environmental impact. 

  • 7.8 tons of textile waste converted into sustainable fashion. 

The fashion industry has a significant environmental impact. Papercraft Lifestyle is changing the game by creating stylish clothing made with sustainable materials. Whether they use recycled materials or organic cotton, their focus is on reducing the environmental footprint of fashion and creating clothes we can feel good about wearing. 

Be a Part of the Solution

This Environmental Day, let’s reflect on the importance of our collective efforts in combating waste. While the highlighted companies pave the way, each of us holds the power to effect change. Whether it’s through mindful consumption, embracing recycling practices, or championing sustainable businesses, we all play a vital role. 

Join us in commemorating Environmental Day by embracing sustainable practices and endorsing innovative solutions. AIC RAISE empowers startups to embark on this transformative journey, providing them with the necessary resources and support to thrive in the realm of sustainability.

Reach out to us today and become a catalyst for a greener, more sustainable future. Together, let’s rejuvenate our environment and leave a lasting legacy of preservation.


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